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Web Design and Development

Web Design and Development Solutions

Indy Business Solutions LLC has a team of developers ready to help you build out your idea. We involve the client through the entire web development process. We offer solutions for WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and several other CMS platforms. We also offer custom web applications, custom plugins/modules, and static PHP / MySQL build-outs.

Research Phase

The most important step, and unfortunately, the most skipped is web design planning. All too often web development companies will take on a project that they did not thoroughly plan the project. Without the proper planning, these developers now run into a constant flux of challenges/issues, which would not only delay the project, but usually force and end to the project before completion. In worst-case scenarios, the web development company just disappears, and leaves the client with nothing.

Indy Business Solutions LLC will take the time to plan out the project, align all of your needs with design requirements, to ensure we can deliver exactly what you want.

Web Development Phase

Now that we have successfully planned out the development project, its timelines, project costs, and we have come to an agreement on terms, it is time to move on to the next stage: breaking ground. Our project team will work through design + usability wireframes/mockups while also working with the development team to be sure we are working in the confines of the Content Management Systems (CMS) abilities AND the project module requirements.

We like to build our projects on Content Management Systems to ensure easy updates by you, the client. It is not necessary to have a web designer or web developer change a few paragraphs of text or swap out pictures. That can easily be managed by you, not only to cut costs, but also to save time without the hassle of shuttling information back and forth.

Design Approval Phase

Now it’s time to run it through rigorous testing to be sure all areas of the new website are functioning as planned. We will test it thoroughly in-house, then have you do testing with us. We will continue to work through bugs until it’s ready to launch!


Rarely is a website launched without communicating to other resources on the web. Some of these resources add a significant value to the visitors and operators of the site. Many of the content management systems already have the plugins to connect these resources, but usually without some customization.

  • Social Media: Integrating, rather than just linking, to your social media make it easier for your visitors to connect with you. The easier we can make this interaction, the more followers and engagement you will see. This can include Facebook, Twitter, Google, and much more.
  • eCommerce: Whether selling through your own store, or just accepting invoice payments through your website, we can get you connected. We typically support Paypal/ as payment gateways, real-time shipping API integration, sales tax setup, and much more.
  • Third Party Programs: Newsletter support (MailChimp, Constant Contact, etc), your Customer Relationship Management program or any other current system you would like to integrate. As long as it’s possible, we will connect the dots for you.
1. Research Phase During this phase we work with the client to create a project plan. This includes ideas for colors, design, and modules. In this phase we also gather the required information, artwork, and any other information needed to create your new website.
2. Web Development Phase This phase is where we design your new website based on all the information and project requirements which was gathered from the Research Phase. This phase takes the longest and you can expect to receive information request from our design team. You will also receive a weekly summary of your project status each Friday during this phase.
3. Design Approval Phase Once we complete the Web Development phase you will receive examples of your new website for your review. It is important that you review the design completely. You will be given the opportunity to make any design changes during this phase.

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